Building Partnerships for a better City of Courtenay and the Comox Valley

So much more can be accomplished when people and organizations work together than if they work separately and apart. To this end, I will work to Build Partnerships within the Comox Valley.

Partnership ideas include:

Economic Development  

• I have been promoting the idea of fostering a relationship between the Brand New, Highly Technological, North Island Hospital, our progressive North Island College, which is right next door, and the Economic Development Society. I visualize enormous opportunities. If we all work together.

• I see how CFB Comox and the Comox Valley Airport cooperate to serve our community well. I think we can further economic development by promoting ancillary industry in the vicinity.  There are a number of hurdles that would have to be overcome, but I am confident this can be done. If we work together. 

• It is a very important issue with me that we work to raise the average family income in the Comox Valley.  To me, the word Affordability means ability to afford.  While we are advancing the issue of affordable housing, we need to advance the issue of economic development. Together.

Sewer and Water

• It has become very clear to me how much we need Regional Solutions to our sewer and water issues.  I have proposed a possible scenario with regard to working toward a comprehensive Sewage Plan.  It hasn’t gained the traction I would hope, but it is a plan that is worth looking at.  It would involve cooperation among all the local governments, K’omox First Nation, property developers.  I seriously believe it is could form a basis for going forward.  But we need to work together as partners.

• We need to look at finding more storage capacity for our water. Climate change is causing more rainfall in the winter and less in the summer. We also need to prepare for the growth in the Valley's population.

Social Issues

• We are very fortunate in the Comox Valley with the interest that is taken by all in the health and wellbeing of our Community.  Many people and many organizations work vigorously in the public interest.  We are also very fortunate in that there is a great desire to build collaborative structures so that we, as the Comox Valley, can speak with one voice.  This is how we will be better able to access Provincial and Federal funding for social endeavours, such as housing, long term care, mental health and more.

Council Consensus

• I feel that for Council to properly represent the people of Courtenay, there must be a collegial, respectful environment. I would like to see Councillors put aside ideological or personal biases and focus on what is in the best interest of the community.

• Positive relationships with all sectors of the community must be built so that proper balance can be developed. 

• A positive working relationship with City staff is also key. These are very achievable goals. So much more can be accomplished by working together than by working apart.